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About Encompass Life Foundation

The Foundation began as a fundamental desire to help others. Elisha, having experienced housing instability in her youth, wanted to put single parents and their families in a position of empowerment. The Foundation is a vehicle to help provide housing and financial securities, coupled with opportunities to learn and grow.

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Our Mission

To provide children, women, and single parents with empowering opportunities. To be accomplished by scholarships, mentorships, and financial opportunities. With a goal of fostering others to build their own legacy …Read More>

Operation ELF

Operation ELF

Operation ELF is in full swing! We’ve partnered with iHeartMedia and OneApp Oregon to shine a light on homelessness – it’s not just educating the public on the stereotypical “living under a bridge” scenario…Learn More>

Board Members

Our Board

Our Board is made up of 13 community members from various industries ranging from real estate, to lending, to finance, and to marketing. Each person joined the Board with a simple desire to make a meaningful impact… Read More>

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